From our CEO

To our supporters,

Reflection. Resiliency. Renewal.  This is the tagline for our 50th anniversary celebration, which took place in 2021.  When we created this tagline in January of 2020, prior to COVID, we had no idea how appropriate it would turn out to be.

This past year has been challenging. Although we had to pause many of our in-person 50th anniversary celebration activities due to COVID, it did provide an opportunity for us to reflect on the journey of this agency from a seedling of an idea by Fr. Paschal Morlino to one of the leading child care organizations in the state. Since 1971, Adelphoi has transformed the lives of over 60,000 children, paving the way to a better future than they had imagined for themselves.

Our resiliency as an organization was certainly tested this past year. With the threat of a global pandemic, we had to figure out ways to keep our kids, families and staff safe while continuing to address critical needs.  And yet, despite risks to their own health, our dedicated employees stepped up and did what was necessary to maintain the delivery of services to kids and families.

And while this year has been difficult, the completion of our 50th year gives me cause for hope. Adelphoi continues its journey forward.  As an organization, we have renewed ourselves in the delivery of services to kids and families time and time again.  Just like the transformation of the kids and families in our programs, we have transformed our programming to meet those kids and families exactly where they are.

Ultimately, this journey of 50 years could not have occurred without the help of others.  I’ve spent a lot of time this past year talking to staff and kids in our units and in our education programs.  Every time I get a chance to hear their stories, I am struck by what a tremendous privilege it is to be able to serve children in this way. Your support affords us that privilege.  In a beautiful circle of benevolence, you, our community, supports us, and we in turn, support those in our community most in need.

Reflection. Resiliency. Renewal. I wish you and your family the best of these three in the upcoming year.


Nancy Kukovich